Boaty McSailface
on June 30, 2018 396 views
Repairing collision damage on a Laser sailboat. The Laser is a lightweight boat that's decked over, so most repairs have to be made from the outside.
I used epoxy for the structural repair because its stiffer and bonds better to the original polyester layup. (Refer to the WEST System manuals.) I switched to polyester for the filler (Bondo) and gelcoat. Many people warn not to do this. I find it works fine as long as the epoxy has cured at least a week, and has been thoroughly cleaned of amine blush and well sanded.
These techniques can be used on any fiberglass repair where only one side is accessible. Be sure to extend the bonding area well outside of the original damage.
This repair was done over 3 weekends.
Of course, this isn't the only way to do it. Lots of folks have their favorite methods, its a little like debating Fords over Chevys. The idea is, your approach to a repair may have to be creative!
This vid isn't meant to be a comprehensive how-to; its more like those shows on home improvements or car customizing.
Don't despair - fix that boat and get out there again!
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