We went on a little adventure sailing from St Thomas to Key West. We stopped in Puerto Plata, DR to provision. We were sailing on the tail end and remnants of Otto. Upon waiting for a weather window for a few days we decided to pack it up and tether in for the 5 day journey to Key West. As we refueled the Dominican Navy tried to ground us as they said the weather was too bad in a very broken version of a combination of around 3 languages. We were helping bring a friend's boat back that was chartered in the BVI and now does Cuba out of Stock Island. The DR Navy had no jurisdiction over us as we were an international vessel. The weather called for 25 knots and 10 footers. We decided that we can hang in that and had to pull our cards and use the international vessel law. Getting out of the channel in Oceanworld was a bit of a task as it has a huge reef next to it. With a lot of discussion, hand signals and gestures they let us go. Crazy ride as the seas built and the waves were closer to 20 and 35+ knots. We had a safe voyage but definately a tethered adventure. Point is to know your laws and capabilities when stopping in other countries.

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