So some of us that are blessed to live in Florida have an ongoing battle with humidity. As much as I would like to live the dream and sail all the time the reality is 99% of us are weekend warriors and our boats sit. I have tried a few things, solar fans, damprid, dehumidifiers etc... They do help however most besides the fan is hard to keep up with. Damprid maxes out in days and not everyone can keep the AC running or a dehumdifier going non stop at anchor or even a slip.
A few tips to help:
*5 gallon bucket filled with cheap charcoal. It sucks up the moisture very well and can last a pretty long time.
*spray your freshly cleaned surfaces with Lysol on a regular basis - seems to prevent mold, reapply every time you leave.
*For those who can't handle bleach use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning. The brown bottle stuff and a spray bottle:)
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