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We all wait entirely too long.  In the case of Irma and recent events being proactive is crucial.  

Remember, you can live without food for weeks.  Water is a matter of days.  

Bottled water is great but most is filtered tap water which you will have close to impact out of your sink.

Fill washing machine, bathtubs (seal drain with duct tape and plastic bags), water heaters are full of water ( flush bottom drain and refill to get out calcium buildup )  the bottom drain will be where to get the water out to drink.  The toilet tank is fresh water as well, I would skip the water in the bowl:)

Fill plasic bins, glasses, cups vases and put somehwhere away from windows.  Garbage bags can also be filled in a container.

Eat frozen foods to clear space to make ice!  Generators are great but the gas will run out and there is no idea how long power will be down.  Freeze water in pots, tupperware etc... and load it up. We have days, keep making ice and fill coolers ( be sure to leave in shade or inside to keep ice longer).  Blocks of ice last longer. Not only can you drink it when it thaws but you can keep your food cold. 

Canned goods can be eaten out of the can and most do not need to be heated.  The more the better! Fill propane tanks for grillls but I would focus on less cooking and more safety as gas lines could be broken. Be sure to plan for your pets! Not only water consumption but food. 

Look at your surroundings, if you are boarding up prioritze if you do not have enough.  Look for trees and potential projectiles that can come your way.  Clear everything from walls and backyard.  You can throw lawn chairs and tables in pool if you have one.

Most important of all, have a before, during and after plan setup to meet gather or hunker down. 

Secure important items and remember the reality that not everyone will prepare and with time those without will look for those that do.  Be prapered to protect your home family and friends. 

Kitty litter and a five gallon bucket will be your friend as you will only have one flush once the water goes out!  I suggest to line with a bag so you can dispose of and seal!  

Charge anything you have and remember to fuel any transportation and gas/diesel you have ahead of time.  

Download FEMA app, Zello etc... 

First aid and medicine, phones and electronic communication devices should be in something waterproof.


If we get a direct hit insurance is your friend!  But, nobody wants to lose their baby.  Strip everything!  Duct tape windows and hatches.  If at a dock remember there will be a surge. Criss cross lines when you can to give more of a rise and fall and put as many on as you can.

Fenders, put them everywhere but make sure the are tied very well.  

On a mooring, lifting straps can be used if tied to the mast or stern cleats.  Be sure to have some line with stretch.  If not the straps will rip off cleats, mast or even the bow.  The straight chain theory will fail in a strong blow as it is stronger than the fiberglass or wood the cleats are connected to.  Stretch and flex is needed.

Anchored, throw out as much line as you can and if you have multiple anchors be aware of the swing. Bahamian style or triangle sets seem to work best.  

Trailered, again, strip everything!  Drop mast if you can and strap down boat and trailer to anything you can, dog chain screws help a little.  Put block under trailer and filling hull with some water or weight is not a bad idea.  Be sure do duct tape hatches and ports or windows. 

I am sure there are more things I missed but this covers some of  the basics.  

Good luck and hang on!!!

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