by on December 24, 2016
A couple years ago, living in Silicon Valley I developed an obsession with expedition vehicles. Learned everything about them and thought they were the coolest thing around….until a buddy from Sarasota stayed with me for a few days. He thought they were cool to but he was a sailor.

He said yeah those are cool and all but if you want a real expedition vehicle get a sailboat. They make their own water, their own power, and can go a LOT farther.

I thought it was a cool idea but wasn’t all the way into the idea. He tried to get me to fly to Puerto Rico to sail back with some of his friends. I couldn’t swing it at the time.

I followed his trip on the spot tracker and became hooked. Since then, I’ve read and watched the entire sailing related internet.

Six years ago, for the previous 10 years, I was very much into scuba diving in California, had a 24ft boat. I once added up the gps milage and it came out that i’ve done about 35000 miles on saltwater…all coastal. I know the basics of seamanship.

This idea may just work.

After 8 months of research, i talked to another sailor buddy. He said “you want a boat? You can HAVE mine. Come and get it! When you sell it we split it.” I didn’t think it would be much of a boat.

Boy was i wrong.

Since then I gave away 90% of my stuff, and moved to Florida from California. I don’t intend to live aboard just yet. Still adjusting to going from 1400sqft to 1 room…but i’ll get there.

So now for the boat: Stored for 3 years. Not a single hint of mold smell.
All systems stored properly…pickled etc….

Morris Yachts Annie 29 cutter
Hull purchased new in 1983, home built, launched in 1986. 80% of its life in great lakes
Yanmar 18hp…so clean i’d eat off of it
440 ah bank 6v batteries in series =12v
Dual alternators with gizmos that help them kick out 600w
2000w inverter charger (w/ desulfication function)
Main, Jib, Genny, Asymetrical Spinnaker
Fridge, sink, head
Water maker 25 gal per day runs off of bank
New Aircon
2 biminis w/ full enclosure
1 solar 85w
8 ft dink w/ 8 hp merc and stern davit…Will be named “Bubbles”

What it needs:
Bottom paint…hope to do copper
restore all external wood
Bleach and scrub the gelcoat
restitch all sunbrella
restep mast install bowsprit
Maybe running rigging…i hope its just faded

Needless to say, i’m beyond stoked.

Cant wait to get it on the water!
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